Meet The Creatures

031014121644All the creatures you see here were made from trash and assorted plastic debris found on local beaches.  Remnants of living sea creatures (crabs legs, mussels shells, periwinkles, fish bones, etc.) are incorporated into each piece.   The metallic finish is hand painted (no spray paints or aerosols!) and was chosen for two reasons, first to make the creatures appear ready for battle, and secondly as a reminder that if our society were to value plastic as much as it does metals chances of it ever ending up in the ocean would be greatly reduced!  (Artist: Kathy Abbott)

"Blue Lightning"

“Blue Lightning”

Plastic bottle, plastic cone (see head), blue nylon rope, crab legs, & bones (rear legs).

"First Flight"

“First Flight”

Plastic bottle, plastic cone (see head), plastic debris (wings) & bones.



Plastic bottle, toy (face), plastic clamp (rear legs), and crab legs.

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