The Angry Ocean Project


 The ocean is angry. Every passing storm reveals again and again the depth of its unrelenting rage. As each new storm pounds the shoreline with its heavy slaps of water, each wave carries with it sand and rocks, and seaweed torn from the watery depths far below our line of sight. And plastic. Each new storm pounds the shore with empty bottles, lost cigarette lighters, forgotten beach toys, discarded coffee cups, and enough plastic cutlery to stock a small cafeteria. The assault of plastic is never ending. Like an angry zoo monkey who repeatedly hurl its feces at its keepers, the ocean continually pounds our shores with plastic. At the height of each storm you can almost hear the ocean scream “This is all your garbage! This is your trash not mine. Take it back. Take it all back! I don’t want your plastic crap!”

by Kathy Abbott

One response to “The Angry Ocean Project

  1. Hi Kathy–
    The unusual creatures you have designed are great!
    I will try to stop by Sunday for a more personal look.
    Betty S.

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